SONICriderSTUDIO: the base where SONICrider arranges, records, mixes and (pre)masters own tracks. The studio is open for electronic music artists who need support, knowledge, equipment or…

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During the stages of a creative proces SONICriderSTUDIO can be your partner.
Arrangement: work on new ideas expanding your view on your own sound, style and tracks.
Recording: using field recordings to add atmosphere, create unique sounds made with analog equipment.
Mixing: use tools that meets the industry standards.
Pre-mastering (or even master if thats the goal): tools used in studios world wide.

SONICriderSTUDIO can support the whole proces or just one of the steps; for example records several analog sounds, convert them into WAV (or any ohter format) and use them in your music (recorded sounds are yours and no one else can use them).

Are you on the other side of the world, SONICriderSTUDIO is still there for you: many artist use the online mixing – (pre)mastering service.

Jurgen Winkel owned a 24 channel mobile studio for many years where he trained his skills as a sound engineer, making the best possible recordings in all kinds of situations. You can hire Jurgen as a freelancer (studio)sound engineer.